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Software architect, art instructor, game designer, gear head, dog musher, retro enthusiast, proud parent... and overall geek.

Metal.. what?

Metalbabble.com (a classic NES reference) is a name I’ve used in conjunction with various projects over the years; including web design, animation, music, comics, and indy video games. If you’re interested in any past projects, feel free to contact me. Metalbabble.com is all about jumping into new territories, and celebrating technology as a medium.  


Super Sand Castles

Super Sand Castles

Introducing SUPER SAND CASTLES, the sequel to the metalbabble.com Atari 2600 game "Sand Castles". Jack the Apple is back in an all-new adventure on Sandcastle Island. Jack's arch nemesis, the evil Reaper is back too with tons of new baddies under his command! Best of all, it's free!

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Games for Atari 2600

These are real games that can play on real Atari 2600 systems! They can be ordered on physical cartridge, downloaded for use in emulators, or even played online - right in your web browser. Click the button below to learn more...

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Galactic Penguin

Galactic Penguin is an out-of-this-world platformer game for PC. It features a full 8-bit style soundtrack, original characters, and tons of interstellar action. Take a peek at the gameplay in this video.


Rocket Penguin

Join Durango, the rocket peguin on a quest to collect rings, find chaos zirconias, and defeat the bad guys. Download Rocket Penguin for Windows PC, right here...


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