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Software architect, art instructor, game designer, gear head, dog musher, retro enthusiast, proud parent... and overall geek.

Metal.. what? (a classic NES reference) is a name I’ve used in conjunction with various projects over the years; including web design, animation, music, comics, and indy video games. If you’re interested in any past projects, feel free to contact me. is all about jumping into new territories, and celebrating technology as a medium.  


Bit Quest

Introducing Bit Quest for the Atari 2600! Find the ancient sword, defeat the ruthless bad guys, and rescue the princess! Available for download, on physical cartridge, or just play it online.

Galactic Penguin

Galactic Penguin by

Galactic Penguin is an out-of-this-world platformer game for PC. It features a full 8-bit style soundtrack, original characters, and tons of interstellar action. Take a peek at the gameplay in this video.

Robo Penguin

Robo Penguin is an upcoming side-scrolling adventure with a vast, open overworld. The game is currently in development and should be ready by Spring 2018. Check back here for updates!


Atari 2600

Have you played Atari today?

One of my recent projects has been creating new games for the legendary Atari 2600. These are real games that can play on real Atari systems!

Follow the links below to play these games online, or download the ROM and play them in your favorite emulator (such as Stella.) Additionally, these games can be ordered on actual game cartridges to add to your collection!


NanoWing 2600

A prequel to the 2005 game "NanoWing" - avoid the obstacles while hurdling through hyperspace!

Play Online | Download ROM


Dodge the potholes, and collect the power ups!

Play Online | Download ROM


For two players - whichever fish collects 5 points first, wins. Grab the power-ups to transform!

Play Online | Download ROM

Bit Quest

Find the ancient sword, defeat the ruthless bad guys, and save the princess!

Play Online | Download ROM

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